Local Area Transit Plans

In 2011, the Victoria Region Transit Future Plan was completed and adopted by the Victoria Regional Transit Commission providing a vision for improving the region’s transit network. A series of nine Local Area Transit Plans and a University of Victoria Campus Transit Plan are being developed to identify transit service and infrastructure investment priorities over 5-7 year timeframes within the Victoria region.

What are the Local Area Transit Plan areas?

Victoria Local Area Transit Plan - image

Completed Local Area Transit Plans

What is contained in a typical Local Area Transit Plan?

A Local Area Transit Plan:

  • Identifies new routes and changes to existing routes.
  • Identifies service changes such as frequency and span of service to existing routes.
  • Identifies improvements to and requirements for transit stop infrastructure, terminals and exchanges.
  • Identifies transit supportive infrastructure and technologies.

A Local Area Transit Plan does not set specific schedules, determine the specific date of service changes, determine vehicle type, or change fares.

How do Local Area Transit Plans relate to other transit plans and municipal plans?

Local Area Transit Plans build upon the vision developed in the Victoria Region Transit Future Plan and the Victoria Regional Transit System 2013/14 Service Review. Other transit planning documents, such as the Rapid Bus Implementation Strategy, identify network improvements and infrastructure investments on a regional basis. All of these plans support the goals of the Transit Future Plan in developing a transit network that meets the needs of the community and supports the development of transportation services that you can rely on.

Local Area Transit Plans support community development by building upon the direction established within a community’s Official Community Plan, as well as any relevant municipal transportation and land use plans