The SCRAP-IT program offers individuals with an end-of-life vehicle the option of selecting from several rebates in exchange for recycling their vehicle responsibly at an approved auto wrecker. One rebate option is an 11-month EcoPASS valid on the Victoria Regional Transit System. For more information on the program, visit the SCRAP-IT EcoPASS Claim Page.

EcoPASS for New Developments

The BC Transit EcoPASS for New Developments is a transit pass program offering developers the option to purchase annual passes for the occupants of a new residential, commercial, or mixed-use development. This Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program provides Capital Regional District (CRD) developers with a potential transit-oriented solution for parking variance requests.

Benefits to the Program

  • Reduce requests for parking spaces at new developments
  • Contribute towards sustainable/green building ratings
  • Increase attractiveness and marketability of developments
  • Reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting the use of transit as a primary mode of transportation
  • Support provincial and regional environmental objectives
  • Creating more sustainable and inclusive communities

Connect with the BC Transit Team

Interested in learning more about the EcoPASS program? Reach out to a BC Transit representative to discuss the program and your specific needs.

Tessa Stewart
Manager, Business Development

Existing EcoPASS Members

For updating your contact information, replacing your EcoPASS card, or inquires related to your existing EcoPASS agreement please contact our Fare Product’s team:

Fare Product Office