Completed Transit Plans in Victoria

The following plans have been approved by the Victoria Regional Transit Commission:

10 Year Vision

Victoria Transit Future - graphic image 2

The 10 Year Vision outlines the vision for the Victoria Regional Transit System over the next 10 years, and summarizes all of the plans, projects, and priorities seeking to move the transit system towards that vision. This document is an annually updated, actionable and measureable strategy, providing both the Commission and the public a roadmap for transit development into the future. Learn More

10 Year Vision – 2023

10 Year Vision – 2022

10 Year Vision – 2021

10 Year Vision – 2020

Victoria Region Transit Future Plan

Victoria Transit Future Plan - image

The Transit Future Plan envisions what the region’s transit network in 25 years and identifies what services, infrastructure and investments are needed to get there. While the plan lays out a path that BC Transit will lead, the plan’s success relies on strategic and financial partnerships between local and regional governments, the Province of British Columbia and BC Transit.

The Transit Future Plan promotes land use changes in the region that facilitate an increase in the use of transit and other sustainable modes of transportation. The plan is designed to accommodate the ridership necessary to achieve the Provincial Transit Plan mode share targets; however, municipal, regional and provincial planning agencies are pivotal in the creation of demand through strategic Transit Oriented Development, transit friendly land use practices, Travel Demand Management practices and the provision of right-of-way for transit priority measures.

Victoria Regional Transit System 2013/14 Service Review

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The Victoria Regional Transit Service Review is one of the components of the Transit Future Implementation Plan. Developed collaboratively with transit passengers, front line staff, key stakeholders and local government staff from June 2012 to December 2013, the Service Review provides performance standards and transit service changes that align with the Transit Future Plan network. The key goals of these changes are to improve service to customers and the effectiveness of the transit system, particularly in order to outline ways that existing system resources may be reallocated or optimized to best serve existing and future ridership and land use patterns. The Service Review also outlines future service expansions and infrastructure investment that will guide the development of future three-year Service and Financial Strategies.

Local Area Transit Plan

Victoria Local Area Transit Plan - image

Local Area Transit Plans build upon the vision developed in the Victoria Region Transit Future Plan and the Victoria Regional Transit System 2013/14 Service Review. Local Area Transit Plans identify new routes and changes to existing routes, identify service changes to existing routes, identify improvements to transit infrastructure and identify technologies to support transit network improvements.

Other Relevant Planning Documents

Feasibility Study: Southern Gulf Islands

At the request of the Capital Regional District (CRD), BC Transit has undertaken this Service Discussion Document to provide an initial exploration of the feasibility, scope and costs of a more formal transit system or public transportation network on Galiano, Mayne, South and North Pender and Saturna Islands. These areas represent the major islands within the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area.