BC Transit has listened closely to feedback from the Town of View Royal and View Royal residents, and the community has influenced the site design and planning in a meaningful way over the past two years.

Public Engagement

The next open house and tour will be offered fall 2024

Three phases of broad public engagement have informed the planning and design of the handyDART Centre, and open houses and tours are routinely offered during construction.

Spring 2020: Learn more about what was shared and what was heard here. All input collected was shared with the design team to inform the preliminary design.

Spring 2021: The second phase of public engagement focused on the preliminary design and watershed and neighborhood enhancement. All input was compiled in a What We Heard summary report available here. This input helped refine the site design and inform the permitting processes.

Summer 2021: The third and final phase of public engagement occurred in July 2021. You can view the display boards and read the engagement summary here.

July 9 Open House

Summer 2022

The project team hosted a Saturday pop-up open house for neighbors to come by and learn more about construction progress and what’s happening next on the project. Sixty people attended, and 20 participated in the site tour. For those who couldn’t make the open house, display boards were posted on the fencing for the following weeks.

July Open House 2

Fall 2022

The project team continued to host students, local governments, post-secondary institutions, and stewardship groups on-site. Students from Eagle View Elementary School, Craigflower Middle School, and Shoreline Middle School have helped plant 1,000 native shrubs on-site.

Fall 2022 Public Engagement 1
Fall 2022 Public Engagement 2
Fall 2022 Public Engagement 3

Fall 2023

On Saturday, October 1, we chatted with close to 60 people about the next phase of construction and the LEED Gold building being constructed.

Open House (3) Fall 2023
Open House Fall 2023

Summer 2024 Open House

Thanks to the 89 folks who came by the open house and tour on June 22

We appreciate your interest, questions and feedback as we head into the home stretch. Another open house will occur this fall. Be sure to email us if you have any questions in the meantime. 

Neighborhood Working Group

A neighborhood working group was established in February 2020. The working group works closely with the project team to inform project planning and public engagement.

Members of the Working Group

If you have any questions about the neighborhood working group, please contact:
Katie Hamilton
Chair of Neighborhood Working Group
Tavola Strategy Group katie@tavolagroup.com


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Terms of Reference

BACKGROUND The existing handyDART facility located on Glanford Avenue is beyond its capacity and can no longer support the expected need for future growth of the service. With an aging demographic, demand for handyDART services is increasing. The relocation of the handyDART facility is required to also facilitate expansion of the conventional transit system. The...

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