Transit Superstars

 At BC Transit, we like to reward excellence and celebrate the people making a positive difference in our regional transit systems across the province. Every year, a new group of Transit SuperStars are selected, following nominations from BC Transit employees, operating companies and local government partners.    

Here are the latest Transit Superstars being recognized in 2024:  

Sam Campbell – Prince George 

Sam began working with Prince George Transit in 2007, initially joining as a laborer tasked with painting the exterior of their facility. His remarkable work ethic was quickly recognized, and he became an Apprentice Mechanic. Since then, Sam has done nothing but excel in every role he’s taken on while continuing to mentor and support coworkers. Over the years he has worked his way up to his current role as Fleet and Facilities Manager for PWTransit Canada in Prince George. 
Core Value: Trust & Respect 

Kyriacos Candilaptis – Whistler 

Kyriacos initially joined Whistler Transit in 2018 as an Operator before quicky moving up to a Transit Supervisor role. His experience, training, dedication, professionalism, work ethic and attention to detail enabled him to eventually become the Regional Transit trainer. With safety top of mind, Kyriacos has played a critical role in the training of all drivers for the Sea to Sky Transit Region and some Vancouver Island transit systems. Kyriacos leads with a commitment to deliver service at the highest standards. 

Core Value: Safety 

Kamloops, Kelowna and Vernon Transit Teams 

During the historically devastating 2023 wildfires that impacted the Okanagan, the Transdev Canada teams that serve Kamloops, Kelowna, Shuswap and Vernon provided evacuation services that were an integral part of the emergency response procedures. At various times during this wildfire season, the teams quickly mobilized to evacuate vulnerable residents throughout their coverage areas from places like long-term care facilities. Throughout the duration of the wildfires, the Transit Operators commitment to maintaining regular service was simply outstanding. The drivers kept coming to work even though many of their own homes were under evacuation orders. 
Core Value: Teamwork 

Prince George handyDART Team  


The Prince George Transit handyDART team consists of hardworking, dedicated employees who consistently provide their clients the safest service possible. The entire team has great working relationships with community members who work at the various facilities that many of their clients attend. The team is trusted and respected and known to be advocates for their clients. When the drivers see changing needs of clients, they insist that additional communication is carried out with the families or caregivers, to ensure the client gets an upgraded mobility aid or the extra assistance or attendant required for their safety. 

Core Value: Customer Service 


Smithers Transit Team  

The Smithers Transit team has been going above and beyond to insure they provide top notch service to all of their riders. Despite a recent driver shortage, the three Operators on the team have made it a priority to ensure Smithers customers were provided full scheduled service, sometimes putting their personal lives on the back burner to make sure service reductions were avoided or minimized. During the winter months the first driver that arrives in the morning takes the extra time to make sure the buses are all warmed up and ready for the day. The Smithers Transit team is very tight knit and committed to providing the best service possible, no matter the situation.   
Core Value: Community 

Rodi De Vuono Outstanding Service Award

Rodi De Vuono worked for the City of Nelson for more than 20 years, which included several years as the Garage and Transit Superintendent. Rodi was a passionate and caring leader who took extreme pride in the quality of work from his team. Rodi De Vuono lost his battle with cancer in 2012, and he is still greatly missed by family, friends and coworkers. This year’s recipient is:

Dean Centrone, the LeadHand with the City of Nelson.  

Dean started with the City of Nelson in 1992. Two years later he was awarded a position in the City garage as an Apprentice Heavy Duty Mechanic. Dean worked his way up through the ranks and was awarded his current position as a working Garage LeadHand in 2014. He is a very experienced and dedicated mechanic, maintaining the entire City of Nelson fleet that consists of Public Works, Fire, Police, Nelson Hydro and Transit vehicles. This recognition is very meaningful to Dean for his personal connection to Rodi De Vuono. Besides working alongside and learning from Rodi on the shop floor during his apprenticeship, the two grew up together and were lifelong friends.  

Mike Docherty Lifetime Achievement Award

Mike “Doc” Docherty worked in the transit industry for 45 years. During this time Doc wore many transit hats including Driver, Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Manager, General Manager and finally Senior Director of Operations in the Kelowna Regional Transit System. Docherty was also very community-minded, helping to raise more than $200,000 for the Salvation Army Christmas Fund through the Kelowna Santa Sleigh Bus. Mike Docherty passed away in 2013. This year’s recipient is:

Dee Mollett, Administrator for Transdev Canada in Kamloops. 

Kamloops Transit got its start in October 1976. Dee Mollett started her journey there just three months later in early 1977 and has been an integral part of the system ever since. Over the years Dee has worn many different hats, from Receptionist to Shop Coordinator and even Acting Manager.  Dee has excelled in every role and has been a major supporter of management, helping the team meet the goal of providing excellent service to customers. Having been there since the beginning, Dee acts as a bit of a transit historian, with a great collection of photos and documented history of the Kamloops Transit System. The impact of Dee Mollett is hard to measure, but everyone that has worked with her is grateful for her dedication. 

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