How Much Does Your Vehicle Really Cost You?

How much does your vehicle cost you
We ran the numbers and found that on average, BC residents could save over $500 a month on transportation by switching to a BC Transit Monthly Pass. That could be $6000 a year to help with groceries, clothes, travel, or whatever matters to you most! Pick up your Monthly Pass today!
Description Vehicle (Driving Everywhere) Vehicle Usage (Driving Occassionally) Monthly Bus Pass
Distance traveled per month1 1091 Km 545.5 Km ♾️🚌
Average fuel economy of vehicle2 9 Km/L 9 Km/L
Gasoline required per month 121.2 Litres 60.6 Litres
Cost of gasoline $2.00 $2.00
Total gasoline cost $242.44 $121.22
Insurance cost per month3 $152.60 $90.00
Parking cost per month $150.00 $60.00
Wear and tear cost per month4 $60.00 $41.60
Cleaning cost per month $20.00 $5
Total transportation costs per month $625.04 $317.82 $42.00-$85.00 (depending on location) ✨🚌
Potential savings per month from taking the bus $540.04 $232.82
*Numbers and stats based on BC provincial averages.
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