BC Transit Development Referral Program

Land-use is one of the main determinants of the productivity of transit service. To help local governments and developers make decisions that have a positive effect on existing or future transit services BC Transit has the development referral program. Local governments or developers can send any referrals and supporting information to developmentreferrals@bctransit.com. BC Transit will review the applications or plans to provide comments to the local government or developer about how the proposal may effect current of future transit service and infrastructure and how the application or plan could be changed to better support current or future transit service and infrastructure.

Depending on the type of application the type of response can vary, including:

The types of applications or plans we can review include:

  • Official Community Plans and amendments to Official Community Plans
  • Transportation Plans
  • Any other strategic planning document that affects land use or transportation
  • Zoning Bylaws and amendments to Zoning Bylaws
  • Subdivisions
  • Development Permits/Building Permits
  • Development Variance Permits
  • Temporary Use Permits

If you have any questions about the development referral program you can also send them to developmentreferrals@bctransit.com