Man in a flat cap hat boards the bus with the aid of the ramp

At BC Transit, our goal is to ensure all commuters are able to ride the bus, regardless of their accessibility needs. Our fixed route buses have lifts or low floors to help passengers get on and off. Benches at the front can be raised, allowing mobility aids to strap in. For those who need help finding the right stop, the bus driver will call it out. When you get on the bus, please let the driver know what you need.

We are looking for feedback! BC Transit is opening our accessibility plan to the public from September to the end of December 2023. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us on how to make transit more accessible for everyone.

Here is our Accessibility Plan

Feedback can be provided by:

Phone: (250) 382-6161
Mail: 520 Gorge Rd East, Victoria, BC, V8W 9T5

The Accessibility Committee will respond to feedback on a quarterly basis (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) by working with our internal subject matter experts. We will look to incorporate ideas where feasible, integrate with our surveys, and update our plan where applicable. Our plan will be revised, updated, and approved through our senior leadership team on a yearly basis.