U-PASS gives students at the University of Victoria, Camosun College, and Royal Roads unlimited access to travel on all Victoria Regional transit services during their enrolled term. The fee for a U-PASS is included in a student’s tuition payment. For more information on your institution’s U-PASS program, consult your student society representative, student society website, and the information below.

New – U-PASS with Umo

Find out more about BC Transit’s U-PASS program, now utilizing Umo onboard payment methods.

All U-PASS programs are transitioning to BC Transit’s new electronic fare system, Umo. This transition will transform the way you access your U-PASS at the start of the semester and validate it aboard the bus. With Umo, it’s your choice what you would like to use – the Umo Mobility app or a Umo card. Please note you may only choose one.


  • Say goodbye to waiting in line to authorize your U-PASS every term.


  • It’s your choice how to use Umo – app or card.


  • Redeeming your institution provided benefit code for your U-PASS is easy in the app or at ca.umopass.com.

Visit bctransit.com/umo for more information about Umo.