Where to Buy

Umo vendors do not sell paper tickets or Monthly Pass fare products.

Umo payment methods and fare products are not valid as handyDART payment.

Fare Product Vendors
Brentwood Bay
Brentwood Rexall Drug Store 7143 West Saanich Road
Fairway Market 7108 West Saanich Road
Pharmasave Brentwood Bay Umo 101-7111 West Saanich Road
Royal Roads University Umo 2005 Sooke Road
Canex Express Mart 177 Belmont Road
7-Eleven Colwood 202-310 Wale Road
London Drugs Umo 1907 Sooke Road
Thrifty Foods Colwood 1860 Island Highway
Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre Umo 1767 Island Highway
Cook Street Village
Rexall Cook St 101-230 Cook Street
Craigflower & Tillicum
Gorge Vale Petro Can 944 Craigflower Road
Craigflower Foods Umo 811 Craigflower Road
Douglas & Hillside
Petro Canada Douglas Umo 2670 Douglas Street
Winks Convenience Store 290-2950 Douglas Street
BC Transit Reception Umo 520 Gorge Road East
7-Eleven Douglas 1327 Douglas Street
7-Eleven Bay 811 Bay Street
7-Eleven The Falls 818-843 Douglas Street
City of Victoria Umo 1 Centennial Square
Destination Greater Victoria Visitor Centre Umo 812 Wharf Street
London Drugs Umo 911 Yates Street
Circle K Cook St 1515 Cook Street
Circle K Douglas 1300-1304 Douglas Street
Regal News 701 Fort Street
The Executive Shop Umo 747 Fort Street
The Market on Yates 903 Yates Street
Bay Centre LTC 1150 Douglas Street
Peaches and Pepper Market Umo 501 Pandora Avenue
Fraser 25 1209 Esquimalt Road
Circle K Admirals 1520 Admirals Road
Pharmasave Esquimalt 1153 Esquimalt Road
Shoppers Drug Mart 870 Esquimalt Road
Fairfield Plaza Heart Pharmacy IDA Umo 1594 Fairfield Road
Thrifty Foods 1590 Fairfield Road
Gordon Head
7-Eleven Shelbourne 4071 Shelbourne Street
Gordon Head Chevron 3939 Gordon Head Road
Gorge Road
Shoppers Drug Mart 2947 Tillicum Road
Hillside & Quadra
Fairway Market 2635 Quadra Street
Circle K Quadra 2635 Quadra Street
7-Eleven Hillside 1700 Hillside Avenue
Hillside Mall Area
The Local General Store Umo 1447 Haultain Street
Pharmasave Hillside 1641 Hillside Avenue
Shoppers Drug Mart 1644 Hillside Avenue
Thrifty Foods 1580 Hillside Avenue
James Bay
Little Gem Grocery Umo 148 Superior Street
Circle K Menzies 265 Menzies Street
Pharmasave James Bay 230 Menzies Street
Thrifty Foods 475 Simcoe Street
Jubilee Area
Forbes Pharmacy Umo 1775 Fort Street
7-Eleven Fort 1669 Fort Street
7-Eleven Jacklin 2978 Jacklin Road
Forbes Pharmacy Goldstream Umo 111-755 Goldstream Avenue
Forbes Pharmacy Millstream 105-2349 Millstream Road
Fairway Market 772 Goldstream Avenue
Circle K Jacklin 3198 Jacklin Road
Pharmasave Millstream 2401 Millstream Road
The Market on Millstream 2401 Millstream Road
Westshore Tickets 2945 Jacklin Road
Shoppers Drug Mart 2945 Jacklin Road
7-Eleven Westshore 2953 Jacklin Road
Mayfair Area
B & V Market 3198 Quadra Street
7-Eleven Mayfair 3201 Douglas Avenue
McKenzie & Quadra
London Drugs Umo 3995 Quadra Street
Petro Canada Quadra Umo 3477 Quadra Street
Thrifty Foods Quadra 3475 Quadra Street
Thrifty Foods McKenzie 3995 Quadra Street
7-Eleven Quadra 4001 Quadra Street
Oak Bay
Municipality of Oak Bay Umo 2167 Oak Bay Avenue
Pharmasave Oak Bay Umo 2200 Oak Bay Avenue
Save On Foods 1950 Foul Bay Road
Shoppers Drug Mart 1627 Fort Street
Tomley’s Market Umo 2897 Foul Bay Road
Oak Bay Recreation Centre Umo 1975 Bee Street
Henderson Recreation Centre Umo 2291 Cedar Hill X Rd
Monterey Recreation Centre Umo 1442 Monterey Avenue
Royal Oak District
Pharmasave Broadmead 777 Royal Oak Avenue
Cordova Bay Pharmacy IDA Umo 5166 Cordova Bay Road
Shoppers Drug Mart 4440 W Saanich Road
Thrifty Foods 777 Royal Oak Drive
Shoppers Drug Mart 7816 East Saanich Road
Thrifty Foods 7860 Wallace Drive
7-Eleven Pat Bay 2471 Mount Newton Cross Road
Shelbourne & Cedar Hill X Road
Fairway Market 3651 Shelbourne Street
Circle K Shelbourne 3749 Shelbourne Street
Petro Canada Cedar Hill Cross Umo 1580 Cedar Hill Cross Road
Shelbourne & McKenzie
7-Eleven Shelbourne 4071 Shelbourne Street
Fairway Market University Heights 1521 McKenzie Avenue
Gordon Head Chevron 3939 Gordon Head Road
Petro Canada Shelbourne Umo 3951 Shelbourne Street
Save On Foods 3958 Shelbourne Street
Thrifty Foods Tuscany Village 1626 McKenzie Avenue
7-Eleven University Heights 3954 Shelbourne Street
Kanda Resthaven 10425 Resthaven Drive
Pharmasave Sidney 9810-7th Street
Save on Foods 2345 Beacon Avenue
Thrifty Foods 9810-7th Street
Forbes Pharmacy Umo 6691 Logan Lane
Pharmasave 6716 Sooke Road
Shoppers Drug Mart 6660 Sooke Road
Village Foods 103-6661 Sooke Road
Tillicum Mall
7-Eleven Burnside 10 Burnside Road West
London Drugs Umo 3170 Tillicum Road
Save On Foods 108-3170 Tillicum Road
Uptown Area
Uptown Guest Services Umo 3440 Saanich Road
7-Eleven Carey 3896 Carey Road
Save On Foods 3510 Blanshard Street
Shoppers Drug Mart 3511 Blanshard Street
7-Eleven Saanich 3775 Carey Road
University of Victoria
UVic Campus Pharmacy Umo 3800 Finnerty Road
Heart Pharmacy Umo 3825 Cadboro Bay Road
Vic West
Save On Foods Westside Mall 172 Wilson Street
7-Eleven Craigflower 955 Craigflower Road
View Royal
Thrifty Foods, Admirals 1495 Admirals Road
VIHA Parking Office Umo 1 Hospital Way
Circle K Wilkinson 4144 Wilkinson Road