Assistance Animals

Pets on Board

Only small fur-bearing and feathered pets contained in secure, clean, hand-held cages are permitted on the bus. Cages (hard or soft shell) must be small enough to fit on the owner’s lap. Customers must hold on to their cages at all times. If there is room, the customers may place and hold the cage beside them on the floor. The cage should not block the aisle or restrict other customers.

Guide Dogs and Service Dogs

BC Transit welcomes guide and service dogs on our buses for persons with disabilities in accordance to the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act (GDSDA) and the BC Human Rights Code. You will not be asked to provide GDSDA certification; however, when coming on board with a guide dog or service dog, the dog must be on leash or wearing a harness and not occupy a seat.  Emotional Support or Therapy dogs are not covered under the GDSDA, therefore, they are not permitted on BC Transit vehicles. 

Guide and/or service dogs are expected to be non-disruptive and non-aggressive while on board the vehicle.  All guide dogs and service dogs should: 

  • Not have disruptive behaviour toward the operator or other customers.   
  • Not disrupt the safe operation of the bus. 
  • Not pose a risk to others or damage property inside the vehicle. 
  • Not be allowed to roam freely in the vehicle. 
  • Not urinate or defecate on the vehicle.