Information for Employers

ProPASS is a permanent bus pass purchased by employees through payroll deductions. ProPASS is valid for travel in all zones within the Victoria Regional Transit System, 365 days a year.


A primary goal of the ProPASS program is to reduce rush-hour traffic by encouraging employees to use transit whenever possible. The program has been enthusiastically received in Victoria, and has been a major contributor to increasing transit ridership. The program also complements employer initiatives to reduce the number of vehicles being driven to the workplace.

Local Enrollment

Over 70 organizations are enrolled in the program, with more than 3,000 employees participating.

Easy to Administer

The ProPASS is purchased by payroll deduction. The program is as easy to administer as processing a payroll deduction to the United Way.

Minimum Requirement

To join the program, an employer must have at least five employees who are willing to enroll.

Cost and Savings

Over a 12-month period, the ProPASS will cost $875.50. This is an annual savings of $144.50. Payments are based on employee pay periods per year:

  • 12 pay periods: each deduction is $72.96
  • 24 pay periods: each deduction is $36.48
  • 26 pay periods: each deduction is $33.67

No Expiry

The ProPASS is valid as long as the employee remains on the payroll deduction program.

Family Member Pass

When permitted by the employer and the contract, an employee may purchase one additional pass for an adult family member.

Lost or Damaged Pass

For a lost or stolen pass, contact the BC Transit’s Lost & Found at 250-995-5637 or by email at to verify if your pass has been found by BC Transit.

If the pass is not in the lost and found, and requires immediate replacement, contact the Fare Product office by phone at 250-995-5682 or by email at Please provide your company name and contact information. A replacement pass can be collected at our main office located at 520 Gorge Road East. The replacement cost of $7 is payable at reception at time of pick-up.


Employees are required to sign on for one year. Employees may opt-out of the ProPASS Program if their work shift changes, or they have a change in job or residence that makes the ProPass ineffective for them.

If an employee opts-out, they must return their ProPASS to their employer before the employer can stop payroll deductions.

An Employee requesting to leave the ProPASS program prior to one year, for reasons other than those stated in the enrollment application, are required to repay BC Transit the difference between the cost of regular monthly Adult Passes and the cost of the ProPASS for each month they participated in the program.

Using the Pass

Fare Box image

To use a ProPASS, slide the card through the scanner at the top of the fare box.

Easy Sign-Up

Enrolling your organization is as easy as completing the ProPASS agreement and sending it to BC Transit. This agreement sets out payment schedules and responsibilities. As soon as your organization is enrolled, your employees can make appointments to get their photo ID ProPASS cards.

Get On Board with ProPASS

If you would like to travel smarter contact the ProPASS coordinator at or 250-995-5682