Personal Items on Buses

Personal Items on Buses

Please be aware that all items carried on BC Transit buses must:

  • Be clean;
  • Be safe and free of sharp edges;
  • Not leak;
  • Odor free; and,
  • Self-Contained.

For safety reasons, customers on fixed-route transit must place and hold any items carried on board the bus on their lap or on the floor where they will not obstruct the aisle or other customers.

Customers with two-wheeled or four-wheeled, foldable shopping carts can sit in the courtesy seating area where a seat can be flipped up to make room for the cart, or elsewhere if the cart is folded up. In all cases the cart must not block the aisle and the customer should hold onto the cart at all times.

Dangerous or Prohibited Goods

Please note the following items are strictly forbidden from being brought on a BC Transit bus:

  • Gasoline and other flammables
  • Explosives
  • Guns, firearms, or other weapons
  • Car batteries and other corrosives
  • Scuba and propane tanks (empty or full)
  • Uncovered glass and other sharp objects
  • Items that are leaking or may impact the traction of the floor
  • Items that have an extreme odour
  • Items that are too large to be brought on by one person or require a dolly
  • Anything that creates a risk to the Operator or other customers


In order for a customer to use BC Transit, the stroller:

  • Should be collapsible
  • Cannot exceed 2 feet by 4 feet (24″ by 48″ or 60.96 cm by 121.92 cm)
  • Must be kept clear of the aisles (the width of the distance between the normal seats, not the width of the accessible area)
  • For safety reasons, strollers are not permitted to use the lifts or securement devices. Securements on the buses are for scooters and wheelchairs only.

When travelling on a bus with a baby stroller, please:

  • Position the stroller in an unoccupied wheelchair location with the brakes set
  • Hold onto the stroller at all times

When wheelchair positions are occupied or required by another customer, we ask for your consideration and cooperation by folding your stroller and moving to another seat. Please store your stroller in between the seats.

If the bus is not a low floor bus, the child must be removed from the stroller, the stroller collapsed and secured between the seats, and the child held onto at all times during the trip.