BC Transit sets course for promising transit future with new Strategic Plan

BC Transit has released an updated Strategic Plan that outlines the organization’s objectives, focus areas and key priorities for the coming years.

“Public transit plays a vital role in addressing the challenges our communities face today and anticipate for the future,” said BC Transit President and CEO Erinn Pinkerton. “Our new Strategic Plan provides the framework for sustaining and enhancing reliable transit services and fostering a resilient and efficient transportation network that benefits communities across the province.

Like the 2020 Plan that preceded it, the BC Transit 2024 Strategic Plan lays out the key objectives that will guide all aspects of the organization’s work. These objectives are:

  • Always safe
  • Engaged people
  • Satisfied customers
  • Thriving communities
  • Financial stewardship
  • Sustainable future

The vision statement, “Your best transportation solution” remains the same as it continues to speak to the diverse customers we serve, and positions BC Transit as a leader in addressing the many complex challenges that exist across the province.

“Delivering transportation services you can rely on” will continue to be the organization’s mission statement, which clearly describes how BC Transit will accomplish the goals set by the vision statement.

The Strategic Plan aligns with provincial goals and supports a more affordable, low-carbon, and sustainable future for British Columbians. It will focus on expanding responsive and reliable services, connecting transit to housing, enhancing integration with other mobility providers, introducing innovative service types such as RapidBus and OnDemand, improving on-board amenities, and expanding transit infrastructure like transit exchanges and operations and maintenance facilities.

The full plan is available at https://www.bctransit.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/bc-transit-strategic-plan-2024.pdf.

BC Transit has achieved significant milestones that were outlined in the 2020 Strategic Plan, despite facing the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic shortly thereafter. These milestones include the implementation of Umo, our electronic fare collection system, the procurement of battery electric buses and construction of associated infrastructure, the introduction of OnDemand service in the Kelowna region, the expansion of our real-time bus tracking platform NextRide, and the creation of a new RapidBus service between Victoria and the West Shore.

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