Man in a flat cap hat boards the bus with the aid of the ramp

At BC Transit, our goal is to ensure all commuters are able to ride the bus, regardless of their accessibility needs. Our fixed route buses have lifts or low floors to help passengers get on and off. Benches at the front can be raised, allowing mobility aids to strap in. For those who need help finding the right stop, the bus driver will call it out. When you get on the bus, please let the driver know what you need.

Accessible Stops - Kelowna

Accessible Stops The accessible features on a bus can only be safely used at designated bus stops. These stops are identified by a white and blue decal featuring the International Symbol of Access. Customers using wheelchairs and scooters may board and exit from the bus only at accessible bus stops. To check if a stop...

Courtesy Seating

Courtesy seating occupies the front accessible area of the bus. Passengers are asked to defer to the needs of those who require this service

Courtesy Seating

Passengers sitting within the accessibility section of the bus are asked to offer their seats to those who require them.

Mobility Aids

This page explains BC Transit's policies concerning mobility aids, what equipment is accepted, and how to board the bus.


Here are BC Transit's policies and guidelines concerning attendants.

Travel Training and Orientation

Orientation If you would like to learn how to board a bus with your wheelchair, walker or scooter, we can help. Call your local transit office to arrange a session: 250-860-8121 Community Travel Training We invite you to take advantage of the free Community Travel Training service. Trainers will develop an individualized coaching plan that...