The City of Kamloops and BC Transit have a hassle free way for you to take the bus. The ProPASS is a permanent photo ID bus pass purchased at work through payroll deductions for a minimum of four months.

ProPASS – Information Booklet
ProPASS Enrolment Application Form
ProPASS Service Agreement
ProPASS Applicant Entry Survey

What are the benefits to me if I sign up for ProPASS with my employer?

  • Convenience – no need to remember to buy a pass at the start of each month or ensuring you have change or tickets on hand.
  • Save money – a person now purchasing 12 monthly passes per year would save $120 by purchasing a ProPASS.
  • Simple to use – “Swipe the Stripe” on the back of the card each time you get on the bus. No need for transfers.
  • Go green – by taking transit, you’re doing your part to help reduce rush hour congestion and your carbon footprint.

How much would the ProPASS cost me?

The total annual cost is $480 ($40 per month) which is divided by the number of pay periods in a calendar year.

How do I pay for my ProPASS?

Payments are automatically deducted from your earnings on whatever pay periods your employer uses (monthly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly).

How do I sign up for ProPASS?

  • Once your employer has signed the ProPASS Service Agreement with the City of Kamloops, you can complete the Enrolment Application form and submit it to your employer who will then submit it to the City.
  • Once your employer has received confirmation of your enrolment from the City, you can email your signed Enrolment Application Form and a passport type photo to Alternatively, you can mail or drop off at 105 Seymour Street.

Do I have to sign up every year for my ProPASS?

There is no expiry date once you sign up. The payments are deducted from your paycheque until you leave the program.

If I decide ProPASS is not for me, how do I withdraw from the program?

  • When you sign up for ProPASS, you must enroll for a minimum of four months. If you decide after four months that the ProPASS is not meeting your needs, you can apply to withdraw from the program.
  • If you relocate, or if you discontinue employment with your employer, you will automatically be withdrawn from the program and you must relinquish your ProPASS card.
  • Once your ProPASS Administrator has your ProPASS card, your employer can cancel the payroll deductions, and return your card to the City of Kamloops.

How does my employer register for ProPASS?

  • Your employer must have a minimum of 3 employees, however not all 3 employees are required to sign up for ProPASS.
  • Your employer completes the ProPASS Service Agreement and faxes or emails it to the City of Kamloops Transportation Coordinator ( As soon as your employer receives confirmation of receipt of the Service Agreement from the City, the employees can sign up using the ProPASS Enrolment Application form.

Can I sign up my spouse from a different employer?

Even though your spouse doesn’t work for the same employer as you, you can sign them up under your program:

  • the ProPASS program allows for up to two additional adult family members living in the same household as the ProPASS holder to also sign up for a ProPASS. The principal ProPASS holder’s employer must agree to this and would be responsible for deducting payment for each additional individual from the principal ProPASS holder’s earnings.
  • The Terms and Conditions of the ProPASS program apply to each additional ProPASS holder signed up under the principal ProPASS holder.
  • Each additional ProPASS holder is required to complete and sign the Enrolment Application Form.

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