Frequently Asked Questions

What is NextRide?
NextRide is BC Transit’s technology service where riders can use smart mobile devices and desktop applications to see the real-time location of their bus along its route and its predicted arrival time at an identified stop, as well as calling out stops on bus both visually and audibly.
How can customers use NextRide?
Customers wanting to plan their trip are encouraged to use trip planning apps including the Transit App (mobile only), Google Maps, their own favourite trip planning app or refer to the rider’s guide. BC Transit’s website also helps guide you to some of these tools.
BC Transit now offers riders free subscriptions to Transit Royale within the Transit App, which provides a wider geographical range for real-time bus tracking, a view of the full transit schedule instead of just short-term departures and fun, interactive features to make the transit journey more enjoyable. We think you’ll love these features.
Is there a NextRide desktop trip-planning tool?
The previous NextRide desktop trip planning application will be unavailable as we transition to the new bus tracking technology.
Work is underway to introduce a new web-based trip planning tool, but it will not be available during this transition period.
What are the benefits of NextRide?
In addition to the benefits to our riders from above, NextRide technology also helps BC Transit and its partners to better direct buses for schedule reliability, manage on-road incidents more effectively and to push out alerts more readily to customers in the case of detours, accidents or other events that may delay regular routing.

What transit systems have NextRide available?
NextRide technology is available in 42 transit systems. Work is underway to introduce NextRide to all our transit systems around the province in 2024.

How is NextRide funded?
The NextRide Project is being cost shared by the Federal Government through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, the Province of BC and local government partners.