handyDART is an accessible, door-to-door shared transit service for people with permanent or temporary disabilities that prevent them from using fixed-route transit without assistance from another person. handyDART picks you up at your accessible door and drops you off at the accessible door of your destination.

Customers must first register at no charge, for this program. Registrants will be asked to provide their name, address, telephone number, date of birth, an emergency telephone number and any medical facts handyDART should be aware of, including the use of any special equipment (walker, wheelchair, cane, scooter). This information is kept confidential. Medical confirmation of your disability may also be required.

Book a Trip

This section outlines how to book a trip. You must first be registered with handyDART before booking a trip.


At handyDART, your safety is our priority. Here are our guidelines for ensuring you have a safe trip.

General Information

This section answers a broad selection of frequently asked questions regarding handyDART policies and guidelines.