handyDART - General Information

Is handyDART right for me?

May I use the regular bus and handyDART for different trips?

We encourage you to use the transit service that best meets your travel needs. Sometimes you may be able to use the regular bus for a trip, while on other days you may need the extra assistance of handyDART.

If you are not familiar with using the bus, call your local handyDART for more information on our free training programs.

Will my wheelchair or scooter fit on the bus?

handyDART buses have a ramp or rear lift that can accommodate most wheelchairs or scooters. Your mobility aid must meet specific size, weight and safety guidelines. See the handyDART Mobility Aid Guidelines PDF for more information.

Driver Assistance

What assistance will the driver provide?

Your handyDART driver can help you with the following:

  • Assist you to and from accessible building entrance doors
  • Assist you on and off the vehicle by the stairs or on the lift if you use a wheelchair or scooter – on some vehicle types customers using a walker with a seat can also use the lift
  • Secure your wheelchair or scooter or a CSA-approved child car seat in the vehicle
  • Assist you with your seatbelt

What the driver cannot help you with:

  • Searching a building or other areas for you
  • Maneuvering wheelchairs on stairs or unsafe ramps
  • Carrying parcels

You are expected to do the following:

  • Ask for the assistance you require from the driver, e.g., to take your arm or push your wheelchair
  • Be at the pick-up location on time
  • Carry your own parcels – a maximum of two parcels carried on your lap
  • Cancel trips as far in advance as possible
  • Customers who consistently exhibit unacceptable behaviour will be asked to travel with an attendant or may be suspended from service.

Friends, Attendants, Pets

May I bring an Attendant?

If you require more assistance than the driver provides, or if you require assistance at your destination, you may have an attendant travel with you. They are responsible for your care and assistance during the trip. Under no circumstances can your attendant be a registered handyDART client. You pay your fare and your attendant travels free.

How are an Attendant and a Companion different?

An attendant is a person who travels with you and who is responsible for your care and assistance during the entire trip. Customers requiring an attendant must notify handyDART at the time the trip reservation is made. Attendants are not required to pay a fare. An attendant cannot be a registered handyDART customer.

A companion is a person who travels with you as a friend and is not required for your assistance. A companion is required to pay a fare.

May I travel with a companion(s)?

You may travel with family members and friends on the handyDART, space permitting. All companions pay full fare. You must let the dispatcher know that you are travelling with a companion when you book your trip.

Can children take handyDART?

An adult must accompany children under the age of six. Children less than 18 kg (40 lbs) must be carried and secured in a CSA-approved car seat, supplied by the accompanying adult.
handyDART does not provide transportation for children with disabilities if they are going to programs where other government-funded transportation is available.

May I bring a pet on board?

Only small fur-bearing and feathered pets contained in secure, clean, hand-held cages are permitted on the bus. Cages (hard or soft shell) must be small enough to fit on the owner’s lap. Customers must hold on to their cages at all times. If there is room, the customers may place and hold the cage beside them on the floor. The cage should not block the aisle or restrict other customers.

Guide Dogs and Service Dogs

BC Transit welcomes guide and service dogs on our buses for persons with disabilities in accordance to the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act (GDSDA) and the BC Human Rights Code. You will not be asked to provide GDSDA certification; however, when coming on board with a guide dog or service dog, the dog must be on leash or wearing a harness and not occupy a seat.  Emotional Support or Therapy dogs are not covered under the GDSDA, therefore, they are not permitted on BC Transit vehicles. 

Guide and/or service dogs are expected to be non-disruptive and non-aggressive while on board the vehicle.  All guide dogs and service dogs should: 

  • Not have disruptive behaviour toward the operator or other customers.   
  • Not disrupt the safe operation of the bus. 
  • Not pose a risk to others or damage property inside the vehicle. 
  • Not be allowed to roam freely in the vehicle. 
  • Not urinate or defecate on the vehicle. 

Parcels, Bags, Luggage

Can I bring parcels and bags on handyDART?

You may bring two parcels with you but these must be held on your lap. If you are going to the airport or ferry you can bring luggage. Just tell the customer service agent when you book the trip so space will be made available.

Can I book trips for a group of customers?

Group trips can be arranged and provided for handyDART customers, their attendants and companions. To arrange for a group trip, call your local handyDART. Trips can be provided if space is available.

Complaints and Compliments

How do I give a compliment or complain about handyDART service?

We appreciate your feedback on our service. For complaints or commendations, contact us.

Missing a Ride

What is a ‘No Show’ or a ‘Late Cancellation’?

If handyDART arrives during the 30 minute pick-up window and you are not there, the driver will not wait. Your file will indicate a ‘No Show’ and other trips booked that day will be cancelled automatically. If you need these trips, contact a customer service agent immediately.

A ‘Late Cancellation’ occurs when you cancel a trip within two hours of your scheduled pick-up. It is very difficult to offer trips to other customers with short notice. Both ‘No Shows’ and ‘Late Cancellations’ use limited resources – your cooperation in reducing these events is appreciated.

What happens if I miss my pick up?

If you miss your ride, call handyDART as soon as possible to arrange alternative transportation. We will not leave you stranded. If you know your appointment is running overtime, call handyDART so that the vehicle can be redirected and other transportation arranged.

Service Restriction Penalty

For handyDART riders who have three (3) unexplained no-shows or late cancellations within 30 days, there will be a two (2) week service suspension imposed.

Subscription riders who have three (3) unexplained no-shows or late cancellations within 30 days will also lose their subscription trip status. They will only be permitted to book one-off trips after their suspension period has ended.

Note: handyDART riders will be notified after 24 hours via telephone and/or mail each time a no-show or late cancellation occurs.

Appeal Process

Incidents will not be counted as a no-show or late cancellation where the customer has called with a valid reason, (something beyond the customer’s control), within 24 hours.

Service Suspensions

Could my Service be Suspended?

In order to ensure excellent service for all passengers, handyDART reserves the right to suspend service for any customer who consistently does not meet handyDART guidelines or for inappropriate behaviour. handyDART will contact you to discuss these concerns and provide a warning of pending suspension.

Behaviour Guidelines

In order to ensure excellent service for all passengers, handyDART reserves the right to require a customer travels with an attendant or to suspend service for any customer who consistently does not meet handyDART guidelines or for inappropriate behaviour.