Transit Future in Prince George

2020 Prince George Transit Future Action Plan

The 2020 Prince George Transit Future Action Plan has been endorsed by the City of Prince George Council. The Transit Future Action Plan builds upon the work on the 2014 Transit Future Plan and provides a more detailed path for implementation of transit service and infrastructure improvements over the next five to seven years.

Here are some of the priorities identified in the plan:

  • Improving service on evenings and weekends
  • Improving route directness
  • Introducing new rapid transit services
  • Investing in bus stop amenities and exchanges
  • Introducing new technologies such as real time bus tracking, electronic fare payment and low-carbon vehicles
  • And more!
You can view a summary of the plan or the full plan by clicking on one of the links below:

Prince George Transit Future Action Plan Executive Summary

Prince George Full Transit Future Action Plan

What is Transit Future?

Transit Future is all about you, your transit system and your community. Developed with your input, these plans outline what your transit system will look like in the future. Depending on the community and its specific needs, a plan can take a variety of different forms.

Learn more about the different types of Transit Future Plans here. By being part of the development of a Transit Future Plan, you are helping to improve transit for yourself and for your entire community. So get involved, share your input, and be a part of shaping your transit system now and for the generation to come.

Why do we need Transit Future?

Transit Future guides transit investment that is supportive of livable communities, through:

  • Offering more transportation choice
  • Supporting smart land use plans that focus on walking, cycling and transit
  • Meeting climate change goals
  • Making it easy to access everyday services on foot, by bike and by transit

Prince George Transit Future Action Plan

In 2014, the Prince George Transit Future Plan was completed. The Transit Future Plan provided a vision for how the transit system can change and what it will ultimately look like in 25 years. Since then, many of the transit service and infrastructure priorities identified in the plan have been completed. This has included projects such as:

  • Introduction of holiday service.
  • Improvement of weekend service frequency and increasing the span of the service day.
  • Beginning to develop the Future Rapid Transit Network and the Future Frequent Transit Network.

How do I get involved?

Are you a transit rider? In addition to key community stakeholders, BC Transit is interested in receiving feedback from everyday transit riders. If you have any questions about the Transit Future Action Plan process or how to get involved, contact

Moving Forward with Technology

BC Transit is committed to continuously enhancing your experience as a rider. As part of this endeavour, we are moving forward with the installation and development of technology initiatives to improve efficiency, increase security and put you in control of your BC Transit experience.

Prince George Transit Future Plan

The Prince George Transit Future Plan envisions what the community's transit network should look like 25 years from now, as described by you.

Completed Plans in Prince George

Transit Future looks at how you can improve your transit system to better meet the needs of your community now and for the generation to come. Here are the plans that have been completed in the region.

Prince George Transit Future Plan

Learn more about the Prince George Transit Future Plan!