handyDART - Safety

Driver Assistance

The driver will:

  • assist you on and off the vehicle by the stairs or on the lift or ramp
  • secure CSA-approved car seats, wheelchairs, walkers and scooters in the vehicle
  • assist you with your seat belt
  • assist you to and from accessible entrance doors

The driver will not:

  • search a building or other areas for you
  • maneuver wheelchairs on stairs or unsafe ramps
  • carry parcels for you
  • search you or your bag for your fare

Wheelchair, Scooter and Mobility Aid Guidelines

handyDART vehicles have a side ramp or a rear lift that can accommodate most wheelchairs or scooters. Your wheelchair or scooter must meet specific size, weight and safety guidelines. Contact handyDART for more information or see the Mobility Aid Guide.

Using the Lift or Ramp

All customers using wheelchairs or scooters will use the lift or ramp to get on and off the handyDART vehicle. Ambulatory customers may be able to use the lift if needed. In some cases the bus seat layout or the securement of passengers using wheelchairs or scooters may prohibit ambulatory customers from using the lift.

Assistance Animal

Assistance animals that are certified are allowed on public transit at all times. If you’re using an assistance animal while travelling on one of BC Transit’s services, the animal must wear its harness or leash. You may be asked to produce your Guide Animal Certificate.

Transporting Children

An adult must accompany children under the age of six. Children less than 18 kg (40 lbs) must be carried in a CSA-approved car seat, supplied by the accompanying adult.