Victoria Regional Transit System

The Victoria Regional Transit System is governed by the Victoria Regional Transit Commission (the Commission). It consists of a minimum of seven members (five locally elected mayors and two councillors) who are appointed according to the British Columbia Transit Act.

The Commission sets routes, service levels, fares and local taxes for transit purposes. It reviews and is responsible for raising the local share of the annual cost of transit in the region. Funding regulations for the Victoria Regional Transit System are described in the British Columbia Transit Regulation and the Motor Fuel Tax Act, and shown in the graphs below.

Funding Pie Chart - Victoria

Funding for the Victoria Regional Transit System

Victoria Regional Transit System – Legislated Funding Formula

The Commission’s contribution to the Victoria Regional Transit System is funded through revenue, property taxes and fuel tax. The Commission determines fares and property taxes, including the ratio between business and residential property tax. The Commission uses revenue collected from the transit system (fares, advertising, etc.) and fuel tax to reduce the level of property tax required. Fuel Tax revenues are set by the Province and legislated through the Motor Fuel Tax Act.

Victoria Regional Transit System Service and Taxation Area

map: Boundaries of BC Transit Service Area

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