Double Decker Anniversary

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20 Years of Double Decker Buses in Victoria

On August 1, 2000, the first double decker buses rolled out of the Victoria Transit Centre and into service in the Victoria Regional Transit System, marking the beginning of a trailblazing journey in North American public transit. BC Transit is celebrating these iconic buses, the forthcoming retirement of the original deckers, and their new replacements in early 2021.

Double decker buses have changed the face of public transportation in Victoria, and have provided safe, reliable and efficient travel for people across the region for 20 years. Deckers have also become a signature part of the Victoria landscape, and hold a special place for the organization and the customers who ride them.

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Retiring Double Deckers

After 20 years of extremely reliable service, it’s time for the first 10 double decker buses to retire. Buses 9001 through 9010 will be replaced with new high capacity buses beginning in early 2021. The new double deckers will have great new features that customers will love, and we’ll be revealing more details in the coming months.

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Because of the important role double decker buses have played at BC Transit, as well as the impact they have had on the day-to-day travels of people in Greater Victoria, there are a number of great stories to share. We are taking the best stories and turning them into a series of episodes as part of the Tales from the Top Deck video series. Keep checking back here or visit the BC Transit YouTube channel to see new episodes and learn more about the rich history of double decker buses in the Victoria Regional Transit System.

Quick Facts:

  • Buses 9001-9010 have together logged more than 11 million kilometres in their travels.
  • Bus 9004 has travelled more than 1.2 million kilometres. That’s the equivalent of 3 one-way trips to the moon.
  • BC Transit estimates that the original 10 double deckers have combined to carry roughly 17 million passengers over the past 20 years.
  • The Victoria Regional Transit System currently has 67 double decker buses in service.

For more information about double decker buses – past, present and future – please see the FAQ.