Student Fare

Effective September 1, 2020

Introducing complimentary fares for all students attending a Kitimat school or homeschooling in Kitimat as part of a one-year pilot project.

  1. Students, 14 and under, will not be required to show a student ID.

  2. Students in high school (ages 15-18) will be required to show their student ID’s in order to participate in the pilot program.

    1. Students who do not currently possess a student ID, or are unable to obtain one, can apply for a monthly pass. Monthly passes can be obtained at the District of Kitimat Municipal Hall.

    2. When students receive their new student IDs in the fall, stickers will be provided and required on all student IDs in order to board the bus for free.

Questions about the pilot program should be directed to the District of Kitimat.