Assistance Animals

Guide Dogs and Service Dogs

Guide and service dogs that are certified by the government of British Columbia are allowed on public transit at all times. This does not include emotional support or therapy dogs. If you’re using a guide or service dog while travelling on one of BC Transit’s services, the animal must wear its harness or leash. You may be asked to produce your BC Guide Dog and Service Dog Certificate.

According to the Province of British Columbia, it is reasonable to expect a guide or service dog to be:

  • Clean
  • Well-groomed
  • Free of offensive odours
  • Healthy

It is also reasonable to expect the guide or service dog to be well behaved. In other words, it must not:

  • Be aggressive or put others at risk
  • Damage property
  • Seek attention or food
  • Run freely or urinate or defecate in inappropriate areas
  • Disrupt business
  • Bark or growl without reason