Eliminate the empty seats in your vehicle! Share a ride to work, or wherever your daily routine takes you.


To employers and participants:

  • Reduced parking requirements at work sites
  • Mobility for people who do not have access to an automobile
  • Cost savings for commuters
  • Opportunity to seek employment at work sites that might otherwise be inaccessible
  • Expanded and stabilized labour markets for employers, by providing reliable access from outlying areas
  • Social opportunities for commuters
  • Reduced wear and tear on personal vehicles
  • Reduced stress associated with commuting

For local and provincial governments, and transportation agencies such as BC Transit:

  • An alternative to transit service in areas too remote or with too low a density to support conventional transit service
  • Support for and integration with travel demand management programs and trip reduction program
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Reduced air and noise pollution

Car sharing

Car sharing is a revolution in urban transportation – access to a car when you need it, without the cost, hassle and pollution of ownership. Car sharing is affordable, convenient and environmentally sustainable.

By joining a car sharing network, you’ll have access to a fleet of vehicles parked in your neighbourhood – and across the city, when you need one. You’ll save money, and play an important role in reducing the environmental impact of vehicles.