Bike Racks

Most bikes can be accommodated on BC Transit buses. If you’re considering travelling by bike and transit, please watch the instructional video to understand how to use the bike racks, found in front of all BC Transit buses.

Before your bus arrives, make sure that saddlebags, antennas, child carriers or any other item that could interfere with the driver’s vision are removed from the bike.

Once the bus has come to a complete stop, step off the curb and lift your bike onto the rack from the passenger side of the bus. Please fold mirrors toward the roadway and leave the bike unlocked.

There are no time restrictions for conventional buses regarding use of bike racks. Bike racks on community buses can only be used during daylight hours, because the bikes block the headlights.

Please note that bike space is limited and cannot be guaranteed. Electric bicycles are only allowed on the bike rack when they weigh less than 25kg (55 lb.), their wheels fit properly in the bike rack, and the battery (lithium only) is removed from the bike and brought on board the bus with the customer. Electric scooter style bikes are not permitted on bike racks. For safety reasons, standard bikes can’t be transported inside the bus. Folding bikes in their protective carry case, which can be placed without obstructing the aisle, will be permitted on the bus.

Bike Parking (Kelowna)

For information on bike lockers, bike racks, and the Cost Shared Bike Rack Program, visit:

Bike Lockers (Kamloops)

For details on bike lockers in Kamloops and to check availability, please call 250-828-3407.

Bike Lockers (Victoria)

Bike Lockers are available at select locations. Contact the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition at

Bike Lockers (Sunshine Coast)

For more information, visit the website or phone: 604-885-6899