Transit Future in Chilliwack

What is Transit Future?

Transit Future is all about you, your transit system, and your community. Developed with your input, these plans outline how your transit system will grow and evolve in the coming years in response to changing ridership, community priorities, population growth, and a number of other factors that BC Transit planners consider in the creation of these plans. Depending on the community and its specific needs, a plan can take a variety of different forms.

Learn more about the different types of Transit Future Plans here.  By being part of a Transit Plan’s development, you are helping to improve transit service for yourself and your community. So, get involved, share your input, and be a part of shaping your transit system now and into the future.

Why do we need Transit Future?

It is important that we consider the Transit Future of our communities because of factors such as climate change, affordability, population growth, increasing traffic congestion, and an aging demographic. Effective planning is critical to ensure that sustainable transportation goals are achieved. Transit planning guides investments that are supportive of livable communities, through:

  • Offering more transportation choices
  • Supporting smart land use plans that focus on accessing services by walking, cycling, and transit
  • Minimizing the high economic, environmental and social costs of traffic congestion and road expansion
  • Meeting climate change goals

How Can You Get Involved?

Would you like to have a say in the transit future of your community? We are always looking to adapt our transit systems to make sure they are responding to the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve. Join the Voice of the Rider Panel. You could play a key role by offering your ideas, concerns and feedback on future transit initiatives.

Completed Plans

Transit Future plans look at how we can improve your transit system to better meet the needs of your community now and for the generation to come. View the plans that have already been completed in your region.

Types of Plans

Learn more about the different types of Plans that BC Transit creates.

Voice of the Rider Panel

Ensure your voice is heard when it comes to Transit Planning in your community. Provide your feedback related to new routes, new schedules, service hours, infrastructure proposals, and stop level improvements.

Moving Forward With Technology

BC Transit wants to improve your experience. We're working on using new technology to make things run smoother and keep you safer.