Transit Future in Chilliwack

Transit Future envisions what a community’s transit network should look in the future, as projected and described by residents, transit users and the strategic community plans of the City of Chilliwack and Fraser Valley Regional District.

Transit Future identifies and prioritizes the transit service and infrastructure investments needed to reach ridership goals, and achieve the associated carbon reduction, social, congestion and economic benefits of transit.

Transit Future Action Plan (2021)

This plan is nearly complete! BC Transit, working with City of Chilliwack and Fraser Valley Regional District staff, is nearing the completion of an update of the Transit Future Plan entitled the Transit Future Action Plan. This update will guide “everything transit” over the short and medium-term.

As of December 2021, the Transit Future Action Plan sections related to the City of Chilliwack and Fraser Valley Express (FVX) have been completed. BCT Transit and FVRD staff continue work on the Paratransit section of the plan, which applies to rural transit services such as Kent, Hope, and Harrison Lake.

Once the plan is completed, it is anticipated to undergo it’s next update in 5 to 6 years.

Transit Future Plan (2012)

In 2012, the Chilliwack Area Transit Future Plan was completed. From 2012 to 2019, many of the transit service priorities identified in the plan were completed. This includes projects such as:

  • Development of the Route 1 Veddar into a higher frequency service
  • Holiday service introduced (all routes)
  • Creation of the 66 Fraser Valley Express, connecting Chilliwack and Abbostford to Metro Vancouver
  • A connection between Hope and Aggasiz, serving communities along Highway 7
  • Evans Line extended (Route 2, 8)
  • Enhanced service to Yarrow & Greendale (Route 5)

Moving Forward with Technology

BC Transit is committed to continuously enhancing your experience as a rider. As part of this endeavour, we are moving forward with the installation and development of technology initiatives to improve efficiency, increase security and put you in control of your BC Transit experience.

Completed Transit Plans in Chilliwack

Transit Future looks at how you can improve your transit system to better meet the needs of your community now and for the generation to come. Here are the plans that have been completed in the region.