BC Transit continues forward on the path to electrification

BC Transit continues its path forward to reduce carbon emissions and transition to electric buses, which remain key priorities for the organization.     

In 2022, after a thorough procurement process, BC Transit awarded a contract to Proterra for the purchase of 10 electric buses, planned to serve the Victoria Regional Transit System.

In 2023, Proterra filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and its transit business was subsequently purchased by Phoenix Motors. Since then, BC Transit and Phoenix Motors have held several discussions in an effort to create favourable conditions that would allow continued progress on BC Transit’s electrification program through Phoenix possibly assuming BC Transit’s previously awarded contracts with Proterra.

However, due to several factors, the decision has been made for Phoenix Motors not to assume the BC Transit contracts. This was approved and confirmed by the courts on March 5, meaning there is no contractual obligation between BC Transit and Phoenix. As a result, BC Transit will not receive its first 10 electric buses from Phoenix Motors.

It is important to note that BC Transit’s work towards its 2040 electrification goals continues, and the organization has a strategic vision for the future. For the past several months, BC Transit has been working behind the scenes to ensure the electrification program moves forward. The organization released procurements in 2023 to prequalify more vendors to support our heavy-duty electric bus deployments, charging equipment, and major electrical equipment for the first phase of the Electrification Program. A prequalified list of vendors means a shorter procurement process.

This is part of the long-term plan to achieve a fully electric fleet by 2040. In the meantime, we continue to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable fuels while we transition to electric buses. Additionally, the charging equipment constructed at the Victoria Transit Centre is ready to support electric buses from other suppliers.

The organization expects to have good news to share about our next steps forward in the coming months.

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