Umo Digital Fare Payments launch in Kelowna

BC Transit’s Umo (pronounced “you-mo”) electronic fare system is now live in the Kelowna Regional Transit System. Umo introduces contactless payment methods and new fare products that improve the transit experience by allowing riders to pick the best options for their lifestyle and travel habits.

New Payment Methods

New payment methods include the Umo Mobility app and a reloadable Umo card. The Umo Mobility app is free in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Once downloaded, riders create an account to purchase and manage their fare products. When ready to travel, riders open their app to display a dynamic QR code that serves as their fare product. As riders board the bus, they present their app’s QR code to a new onboard validator. The Umo app also provides riders with additional tools to help them plan their trip including real-time information and maps.

Riders alternatively have the choice of using a reloadable Umo card. Umo cards are available for free from a BC Transit Umo vendor. The card is designed for repeated use and can be continually topped up with fare products through a vendor, online at, or through Umo’s customer service call centre at 877-380-8181. When boarding, riders tap their card at the new onboard validator. Riders are recommended to register their card by creating a Umo account online or through the Umo customer service call centre using the unique number on the back of their card. Registering a Umo card will safeguard fare products in the event a card is misplaced. A list of BC Transit Umo fare vendors is available at

New and Improved Fare Products

Umo introduces improvements and changes to some of the fare products riders use in the Kelowna Regional Transit System.

  • Cash Balance, an alternative to cash, is a pre-paid dollar amount loaded to a Umo card or app. A Cash Balance value is drawn from as riders take trips or purchase a pass product.
  • A digital transfer, removing the need to collect and retain paper transfer slips, is automatically applied to a Umo app or card at onboard validation. Riders then simply scan or tap their Umo payment method on their second bus within a 90-minute transfer window to continue to travel locally without incurring an additional charge. A rider will know their transfer has been applied by referencing a confirmation message on the onboard validator’s digital screen. 
  • Digital 10 Rides, replacing paper tickets, is available via Umo at the same discounted price.
  • A new digital DayPASS for riders travelling on more than one bus in multiple directions throughout the day. A digital DayPASS provides unlimited local travel at the new rate of $5.00 or two times the single ride fare and is recommended for riders who make journeys that involve multiple transfers or return trips.
  • A new 30-Day Pass, replacing the existing Monthly Pass, can be activated on any day of the month and provides riders with unlimited trips during a continuous 30-day period.

The final date for Monthly Pass and paper ticket fare product sales is still to be confirmed but BC Transit plans to provide riders several months to transition to a new Umo payment method. While it is expected most riders will find one of Umo’s new payment methods a more convenient option, cash will continue to be accepted for riders who prefer it. 

BC Transit’s Umo customer service call centre is live for support. Riders can call 877-380-8181 toll-free from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday to receive support. For more information on Umo, including video tutorials and frequently asked questions visit

At a future date, BC Transit plans to provincially enable onboard payments with debit and credit cards.

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