BC Transit moves forward with full driver door project to improve safety

Sep 9, 2019
Transit System: Global
Corporate – BC Transit is moving forward with Arow Global Corporation to design and manufacture full driver doors for our high capacity buses (double deckers), heavy duty buses (regular 40 foot transit buses), and medium duty buses across the province. The project is expected to cost approximately $6.5 million.
The full driver door includes a transparent piece of laminated tempered glass with anti-glare coating with a metal base. It is designed to increase protection for our drivers. The full driver door windows can be adjusted to account for sightlines associated with different seat positions.
BC Transit is on track to have new replacement and expansion buses come with the full driver door installed. The first buses with the full driver door will arrive in late 2019.
In early 2020 we will start retrofitting 650 buses in our provincial fleet with the full driver door. Buses scheduled for replacement within two years will not have the full driver door installed; instead, the replacement bus will be equipped with the full driver door installed.
While we continue to work on detailed implementation planning, we have determined the retrofitting process will begin in Victoria then move onto Kelowna.
Safety is our top priority, and the full driver door is another tool along with:
  • closed circuit television cameras;
  • driver training to diffuse situations;
  • partnerships with first responders; and
  • enhanced communication technology on board the bus, including the radio system
For more information about safety initiatives at BC Transit, please visit bctransit.com.