BC Transit's new strategic plan positions public transportation

Feb 13, 2020
Transit System: Global

BC Transit is releasing a new strategic plan with a focus on being part of the solution for the challenges impacting communities across the province.

Public transportation has been operating in British Columbia for 130 years, and our role as a sustainable transportation solution will not change. We will strive to deliver exceptional customer service to the more than 57 million people who use our services each year to get to their destinations. However, public transportation also plays a key role in addressing the challenges facing communities today, including climate change, affordability, traffic congestion, social isolation, and the urban rural divide.

Our bold new vision statement, “Your best transportation solution” speaks to the many customers that we serve and positions us as a leader in addressing the many complex challenges that exist across the province.

Our mission statement, “Delivering transportation services you can rely on” describes how BC Transit is going to accomplish the goals set by the vision statement, especially within the context of a rapidly changing transportation landscape.

The plan has five objectives that will provide a roadmap for the organization and help it meet its goals for both customers and communities:

  • Always safe
  • Engaged people
  • Satisfied customers
  • Thriving communities
  • Responsible stewardship

The strategic plan is intended to drive ridership increases, reduce greenhouse gases, make life more affordable, create better social connections, and reduce congestion. The implementation of the plan will be monitored and measured on a regular basis. BC Transit is looking forward to working with our partners to improve services across the province and demonstrate why we are the best transportation solution.

The full plan is available at bctransit.com/stratplan.


“I congratulate BC Transit for providing high quality public transport for the people of B.C. It continues to meet rising demand, to attract new users and to make public transit central to a sustainable future.”

-Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

“The new strategic plan facilitates the continued evolution of BC Transit and the services it provides by refreshing the focus of the organization and setting performance objectives for the next five years. The future is bright for transit, and the Board, employees and partners of BC Transit look forward to ensuring that it is your best transportation solution.”

-Catherine Holt, BC Transit Board Chair

“Public transportation has an important role in supporting communities across British Columbia. Being able to provide an affordable, convenient, and reliable transportation option will help to ensure people can get to work, school, medical appointments, and other activities in their communities and region. I look forward to continuing to work with our partners to make public transportation the best transportation solution for British Columbians.”

-Erinn Pinkerton, BC Transit President and Chief Executive Officer