James Bay


Short-term changes outlined in the James Bay Local Area Transit Plan will begin in January 2018!

The James Bay Local Area Transit Plan outlines interim improvements for transit service and infrastructure over the next 7-15 years. It is one of 9 focused Local Area Transit Plans being developed across the Victoria Regional Transit System.

Short-Term Changes in the plan 

Transit Service – starting January 2018

  1. Route 2 Oak Bay/2A Willows: routes are re-aligned to continue into James Bay from Oak Bay, via downtown, and loop back through James Bay.
  2. Route 3 Gonzales: Route 3 is re-aligned and destined to Jubilee Hospital.
  3. Route 10 Songhees/Jubilee: Re-aligned to interline with the new Route 3 James Bay and at the Jubilee Hospital

Transit Infrastructure Improvements – work to begin January 2018

  • Replacement of the Capital Park transit stop
  • Accessibility improvements to James Bay Transit Stops – specifically the transit stop located at 5 Corners
  • Wayfinding showing the Transit Future Network layers (rapid, frequent and local)
  • Installation of real-time Information at key stops
  • Upgrades to Legislature Terminal in anticipation of the Douglas Rapid Bus

About the James Bay Local Area Transit Plan

Based on what we heard during public engagement activities these were the priorities guiding transit improvements to James Bay:

  1. Improving the consistency of the existing transit service
  2. Improving transit connectivity to 5 Corners
  3. Identifying future service and infrastructure improvement priorities

Public engagement was conducted in two phases, with over 450 stakeholders and local community members as part of plan development to 1) confirm that these priorities and goals were still valid, and 2) help shape and refine the proposed route and service adjustments.

Public Engagement Summary (PDF)

Longer-Term Actions contained in the Plan 

Medium-Term Service Actions and Changes - Anticipated from 2019 to 2030

  • NEW GO Bus: Conduct a service review examining potential for implementation of a local GO bus circulating within the James Bay neighborhood
  • Routes 2 Oak Bay / 2A Willows and 2/2A James Bay: increase frequency on weekends and evenings
  • Route 3 Jubilee/James Bay via Cook Street: Addition of James Bay Local loop.
  • Route 10 Jubilee /James Bay Via Vic West: Addition of James Bay Local loop.

Medium-Term Infrastructure and Information Changes

  • Rapid Transit Line Branding
  • Continued on-street signage improvements

Completed Report

James Bay Service Plan - FINAL