Route #7 temporary stops during Construction

Expired Alert


July 9, 2019

Routes Affected:

July 10th  -17th  OUTBOUND  Route #7 detours
Construction on Allenby Way and 25th Ave will create a significant detour for Route #7.
All stops on Route #7 along 27th Avenue after 43 street and before 25th Street will be affected. This includes, Allenby Way, Heritage Dr and Lardeau Rd. Notices will be posted on all affected bus stops.
Riders are encouraged to use route #8 stops on Heritage Drive/Allenby Way or go to the temporary stops on 25th Ave as stops on 27th Ave will be closed.. Temporary stops will be in place on 25th Ave, mid way on 43rd street ( by Loomis), another will be close to Morning Star office and one more just past Tim Horton's.
We apologize for any inconvenience, please call our office 250-545-7221 is you have any questions.