Travel Training

Low-Floor Buses Mobility Aid Orientation

If you would like to learn how to board the low-floor bus with your wheelchair, walker or scooter, we can help. We will set up an appointment with you, and bring a bus to the accessible bus stop nearest to your home so that you can practice.

Call BC Transit Safety and Training at 250-385-2551 to arrange a session.

Community Travel Training

As a handyDART customer, we invite you to take advantage of the free Community Travel Training service, and use the regular bus for some of your trips. It is sometimes more convenient to use the regular bus rather than handyDART.

Trainers will develop an individualized coaching plan that will allow you to learn at your own pace. Trainers can focus on your travel needs such as work trips, volunteer positions, appointments or general travel.

You will get practical experience in:

  • using the Rider’s Schedule
  • selecting your route
  • getting on and off the bus
  • using your bus pass or paying fare
  • securing your mobility aid
  • locating a seat
  • safety procedures while riding the bus
  • identifying landmarks
  • procedures should you become lost or disoriented.

The trainers will follow up to see how you are doing, and work with you on any travel concerns you may have.

To arrange a session:
Tel 250-384-7723