BC Transit Today

BC Transit’s current strategic plan, Shaping Our Future, was implemented in 2009. It was meant to provide a vision until 2030 and has served BC Transit well. There have been significant shifts over the past decade, especially in use of technology. Therefore, it is important we take a moment to refresh our plan and stay on-top of industry trends.

Our current vision, mission and values are available below:

Our Vision

To be a leader of integrated transportation solutions connecting people and communities to a more sustainable future.

Our Mission

Through the strength of our people and partners, we provide safe, reliable, customer-focused public transportation solutions and services to link communities, businesses, and lifestyles.

Our Values

Safety—We will ensure and improve the safety and security of our employees, customers, and assets.

Customer Service—We will work with our customers to meet and exceed their needs and expectations.

Sustainability—We will measure, improve, and be accountable for our environmental, financial and social results.

Integrity—As stewards of public resources, we will use our assets prudently and be honest, professional, and respectful in our communications and conduct.

Innovation—We will develop new opportunities and ways of doing business, and will work to continuously improve the value and quality of our services.

Collaboration—We will cultivate strong partnerships, recognize communities’ complex needs and create services and opportunities that promote healthy communities and enable choice and connection with other types of travel.

To meet the challenges and opportunities of the years ahead, BC Transit reassessed and affirmed our role and priorities.