Scooter & Wheelchair Information

BC Transit buses are mobility aid friendly. We can accept 3 wheeled scooters, electric and manual wheelchairs and walkers. In order to gain access to the bus, the Operators will “kneel” the bus and lower the ramp. Once onboard it is your choice if you would like the rear facing position that does not require you to be secured as long as you set the mobility aid brakes, or the forward facing position where you are required to be secured by the Operator. Both positions have seat belts available for your use.

If you’re considering travelling with an electric scooter or wheelchair, the following information will help you familiarize yourself with the process.

Before You Board

Ensure that you are visible and that you are away from any street furniture that may obstruct the ramp. Some bus stops are used by multiple bus routes, so help your Transit Operator when waiting at the stop by waving as the bus approaches. Buses are not required to stop at all bus stops.

Once the ramp has been fully deployed, you can board the bus. Our Operators do not assist customers up the ramp and into the bus. If this is difficult for you, an attendant is recommended and can ride with you for free.

Note that the maximum weight of the ramp is 600lbs.


When you get on the bus, communicate your needs to the Operator. This includes telling them where you would like to get off the bus, and if you require any assistance getting secured.

A few points to remember while onboard:

  • If you are 16 and under, you must use the forward facing position, be secured, and wear a seatbelt.

  • Refrain from having excess luggage on the back of your scooter or flags attached. Give your Operator a reminder the stop before you intend to get off. Something simple like “Scooter next stop!” ensures your Operator will allow you to get off safely.

  • Although our courtesy area is designated for our mobility aid customers, it is not mandatory for our ambulatory customers to move out of the courtesy seating area.


Once the ramp has been deployed, maneuver onto the ramp and continue straight ahead slowly until you feel a bump on your back wheels. This will let you know that you are fully off the ramp and may now turn your scooter or wheelchair.

After exiting, ensure that you are clear of the ramp.

Need to Practice?

If you wish to take an orientation, one of our Safety and Training Officers will show you how to maneuver on board, use the equipment on the bus, and communicate with the Operator so your ride is as seamless as possible. These orientations are free.

Call BC Transit head office to set up an appointment.