Full driver door installation request for proposals issued

Jan 9, 2020
Transit System: Global

BC Transit has taken another step forward in their plan to install full driver doors on their entire fleet to enhance safety. A request for proposals has been issued seeking an external organization to complete the installation of the doors in 28 communities over the next two years. The request for proposals is available on BCBid.ca.

The request for proposals issued today is for installation of the doors in BC Transit communities outside of Victoria. In Victoria the full driver doors will be installed by BC Transit staff.

Arow Global Corporation has been selected to design and manufacture full driver doors for our high capacity buses (double deckers), heavy duty buses (regular 40 foot transit buses), and medium duty buses across the province. The successful proponent will install the doors supplied by Arow Global Corporation.

650 high capacity, heavy duty, and medium buses will be retrofitted to have the full driver door installed. 113 new high capacity, heavy duty, and medium buses will replace current buses in the fleet by the end of 2022 and will come with the full driver door factory installed. BC Transit also expects to have 350 expansion buses added to the fleet over the next decade that will also come with the full driver doors factory installed.

The retrofitting process will begin in Victoria in February, with Kelowna following in July. The remainder of the schedule will be determined through the request for proposals process.

The retrofit project is expected to cost approximately $6.5 million. The cost of the full driver doors installed in the new bus deliveries will be built into the price to manufacture the bus.

Safety is a top priority for BC Transit, and the full driver door is another tool along with:

  • closed circuit television cameras;
  • driver training to diffuse situations;
  • partnerships with first responders; and
  • enhanced communication technology on board the bus, including the radio system

For more information about safety initiatives at BC Transit, please visit bctransit.com.

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