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Service Layers


Four layers of transit service are used to build Transit Future service networks. The Transit Future plan will show the type of service, when it could be implemented and where the service is needed.

Rapid Transit

  • Fast, frequent, and direct (service every 15 minutes or better)
  • Exclusive right-of-way or significant priority treatments
  • High-capacity bus, streetcar/tram, light rail

Frequent Transit

  • Direct, frequent (service every 15 minutes or better)
  • Routes in mixed traffic with stops
  • Standard, high-capacity bus

Local and Community Transit

  • Frequency (service frequency based on demand)
  • Connection to local destinations and frequent/rapid networks
  • Standard or small buses

Specialty Transit

  • Express service: a direct, limited stop service between local destinations
  • Interregional connection
  • handyDART: door-to-door service for customers who are unable to use conventional service