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Chilliwack, Agassiz, Harrison & Hope


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In Chilliwack and Aggasiz-Harrison, 83% of commuters use a car, 9% carpool, 1% take transit and 6% walk or cycle

The Chilliwack Regional Transit Future Plan focuses on services within Chilliwack, but will also include regional connections to and from Agassiz, Harrison, Hope and the Central Fraser Valley.

Today two transit systems serve the area: Chilliwack Transit and Agassiz-Harrison Transit. BC Transit began service in Chilliwack in 1980. It now includes 10 routes and approximately 539,000 annual riders. Agassiz-Harrison transit is a regional service connecting Harrison Hot Springs, Agassiz, Bridal Falls, Rosedale and Chilliwack since 1999. The system carries about 29,000 riders annually.

Funding for the Chilliwack/Agassiz-Harrison Transit System is formally cost shared between the District of Kent and BC Transit in partnership with the Fraser Valley Regional District, the Village of Harrison Hot Springs and the City of Chilliwack.

Visit the website for more information on current Chilliwack/Agassiz-Harrison Transit System routes and schedules.