current project status

November 9, 2007
Project planners invited residents and property owners along the corridor to discuss the impacts and options of the busway in June. Click here for Open House Displays. Click here for a summary of the meetings.

Plans are now being revised to address the issues raised at these meetings and to finalize alignment, station and traffic management recommendations. Detailed assessments of project costs, landscape and urban development impacts are also underway.

Alignment recommendations and reports will be prepared by January 2008 and further business and public meetings will be scheduled at that time to discuss the findings. Plans will then be forwarded to Councils and the Transit Commission for consideration.

July 11, 2007
A Public Open House was held June 5 and meetings with businesses and property owners adjacent to Douglas Street were held on June 6. All meetings were well attended. Click here for Open House Displays.
Click here for a summary of the meetings.

Project planners are now at work revising plans to address business issues raised with respect to property access, parking, loading. New signalized intersections are being considered on parts of the corridor to improve local circulation. Alternative parking and loading configurations are under review. Station locations continue to be refined and evaluated.

Another series of meetings with affected businesses will be held in early September. A public Open House will be held prior to the submission of alignment plans to Victoria and Saanich councils. This is expected to occur by mid-October.

March 2007
The first phase of the busway project: Preliminary planning and design, has just begun. An advisory committee of adjacent businesses, communities, and partners has been created to assist the project team. This design phase is anticipated to take 6 to 8 months, and will lead to a major decision point for corridor municipalities, the Ministry of Transportation, and the Transit Commission regarding construction.

Keeping you informed

April, 2008 - Public Delegation Meeting
Douglas Street Busway

The Victoria Regional Transit Commission is hosting a Public Delegation Meeting:
Thursday, April 3 • 7pm • Blanshard Ballroom
Holiday Inn, 3020 Blanshard Street
Register online.

BC Transit held several open houses in late January. If you missed them, visit the document library archives to see plans and to provide your feedback.

If you would like to give us your feedback, click here.