making transit a priority

The Vision

The Douglas Street Busway is the first stage of the region's rapid transit system linking communities in the core area, Peninsula, and Westshore. Starting with rapid bus service, and evolving to Light Rail Transit, the project will achieve the goals of the region and its municipalities for more sustainable transportation. The busway and regional rapid bus service on further extensions of bus lanes is a key component to achieve the environmental goals of the Provincial Transit Plan.

The Plans

The most recent plans for the Douglas Street busway include two bus-only lanes, four general purpose travel lanes, two bike lanes, boulevards and sidewalks. Bus-only lanes are built so that in the future, Light Rail Transit can be provided in the same right-of-way. Stations are also planned to meet LRT standards. Sidewalks and boulevards and travel lanes along the project meet municipal requirements.

Project Reports

Keeping you informed

April, 2008 - Public Delegation Meeting
Douglas Street Busway

The Victoria Regional Transit Commission is hosting a Public Delegation Meeting:
Thursday, April 3 • 7pm • Blanshard Ballroom
Holiday Inn, 3020 Blanshard Street
Register online.

BC Transit held several open houses in late January. If you missed them, visit the document library archives to see plans and to provide your feedback.

If you would like to give us your feedback, click here.