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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get on the bus with my wheelchair or scooter?
Yes. The bus has a loading ramp and space dedicated for wheelchairs or scooters.

How do I know if my wheelchair or scooter will fit on the bus?
Some mobility aids do not fit on low-floor buses. Call 250.385.2551 for an inspection of your wheelchair or scooter. See Scooter Guide [PDF 330KB] for more information.

How do I get on the bus?
If you would like to practice getting on and off a bus with your mobility aid, call 250.385.2551 to arrange an orientation session at an accessible bus stop. If you are unfamiliar with the conventional bus system, BC Transit offers a free instruction program on learning to use the bus.

What will the driver do to help me on the bus?
The driver can do any of the following:

  • Kneel the bus or lower the ramp, at your request, when you get on and off the bus
  • Secure your wheelchair or scooter
  • Call out your requested bus stop
  • Help you in an emergency situation

May I travel with an attendant?
An attendant may travel with you if you use a wheelchair or scooter, or you have a handyPASS ID Card. Attendants must board and exit at the same stop as you and will help to load and secure your mobility aid. Attendants do not pay a fare.

How do I know which buses are accessible?
If you need a low floor bus, please confirm before you travel by calling 250.382.6161 and pressing 0. Or you can visit, and check under 'Maps & Schedules' on the top menu bar of the Victoria Regional Transit System webpages. Each trip lists whether or not the bus is accessible.

What if the bus is not accessible?
If you are waiting for a low floor bus and the bus that arrives is not accessible or if the wheelchair and scooter positions are full, the driver will advise you of the next low floor bus. If there is no further low floor bus service, the driver will help you by making alternative travel arrangements. You will not be left in an isolated or unsafe location.

Are all bus stops accessible?
The bus ramp can only be lowered at designated bus stops. These stops are identified by a blue accessibility decal.

What if I miss my stop?
If you miss your bus stop, the driver will take you to your next accessible stop or, if requested, make arrangements to transport you to your stop. You will not be left in an isolated or unsafe location.

Questions or comments?
BC Transit customer information agents have the latest schedule information. Agents can be reached by calling 250.382.6161 and pressing 0.