Route 70 - Salmon Arm-Enderby - To Enderby
(Effective Tue Sep 2, 2014 until further notice)

Customer Alert

**Effective September 2-6** Route 3 will not able to access Village Green Center due to Railway (48th Ave and 43rd Ave)crossings repairs.Please use Route 2 if you require Village Green Center. Some bus stops on 29th Street will have limited service due to the construction. Maps and dates of the service interruption are posted at the terminus and on the buses.
(see below)
    Salmon Arm: Lakeshore and Alexander   Ranchero   Deep Creek and Hwy 97B   Enderby City Hall, Mill Av
Monday to Friday - Morning
 WED      8:20   8:32   8:38   8:47
Monday to Friday - Afternoon
 WED      1:49   2:01   2:06   2:15

Trip Notes
WEDTrip operates Wednesday only.


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