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Contact Us

Quesnel Transit System and Transit Service Info

For transit information, specific trip concerns, lost and found and employment opportunities, contact Quesnel Transit:

Transit Info: 250.992.1109
Fax: 250.992.1146
Address: Five Five Transport 98A Pinecrest Road Quesnel, BC V2J 5W6

Compliments, comments, complaints, or specific trip concerns: Fill in a customer service report.

Lost and Found: Quesnel Transit will keep articles in the Lost and Found for up to 90 days. If you call Lost and Found and your article is there, transit will hold it for a maximum of seven days. Then it gets sent to a charitable organisation.

handyDART Service

For handyDART information, contact the Quesnel TransithandyDART/Office:

Phone: 250.992.1109

Your Municipality

Suggestions or comments relating to routes, schedules, fares or bus stops, contact the City of Quesnel.

Phone: 250.992.2208
Email: mthomas@quesnel.ca
Fax: 250.992.2206
Address: 410 Kinchant St Quesnel, BC V2J 7J5

For more information on other municipal services, visit the City of City of Quesnel's Website.

BC Transit

For information about BC Transit's role in your transit system, visit the corporate pages or contact BC Transit.


For advertising on the bus, contact Quesnel Transit.

Quesnel Transit System

TRANSIT INFO: 250.992.1109




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