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December 1, 2010
Adult $2.50 $4.50
Senior/Student* $2.00 $4.00
Child, 4 years and younger
no charge
10 Tickets
Adult $22.00 $36.00
Senior/Student* $18.00 $30.00
Monthly Pass
Adult $65.00 $95.00
Senior/Student* $50.00 $65.00
Seasonal 4 Month Pass
Semi-Annual Pass
Adult $330.00
Senior/Student* $255.00
Annual Pass
Adult $624.00 $910.00
Senior/Student* $480.00 $620.00

Effective: December 1, 2010

* Seniors aged 65 or older and full-time students to grade 12. Must show valid ID.

** Notes:

Pemberton Local fare products may be used on the Pemberton Commuter with a top-up fee of $2.00.

Passengers on the Pemberton Commuter can transfer to the local Whistler Transit System without extra charge. Passengers paying cash or using tickets on the Pemberton Commuter bus simply need to ask for a transfer when they board. The transfer will be valid on any local Whistler bus until the expiry time listed on the transfer.

Passengers with a Pemberton Commuter monthly pass (new “Multi-Zone” pass) can use their passes on any local Whistler bus. Note that in Whistler, the bus driver will have to inspect your pass visually to make sure it is a valid, as the electronic swipe feature will not accept Pemberton Commuter (new “Multi-Zone”) passes.

Remember, when boarding the Pemberton Commuter with either a local Pemberton monthly pass, a Whistler monthly pass or a local Whistler transfer, a top-up fare will be required.

Pemberton Valley Transit pass products (Local and Commuter) are not restricted to use by the individual purchasing them. Please note they are not valid for Greyhound Service.

These policies are being reviewed and are subject to potential change in April, 2011.


Retain pass throughout your trip and surrender your pass, if requested, to a transit employee.

Cash Fares

In order to keep the bus running on time, transit drivers cannot make change for passengers. Please have exact change ready when you board the bus.

Save on Fares

Tickets: Save when you buy a sheet of 10 tickets.

Passes: For frequent transit users, Monthly, 6 Month and 12 Month Passes will offer a significant savings over paying cash fares.


To transfer from the 100 Pemberton Local to the 99 Pemberton Commuter, pay a top-up fare of $2.

Passengers on the 99 Pemberton Commuter can transfer onto the Whistler Transit system without an extra charge. Pay the fare on the Pemberton Commuter and ask for a transfer.

Pemberton Transit passes (local and commuter) are not valid on Greyhound Service.

Ticket Vendor Locations


Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Office
1350 Aster Street, Pemberton, BC

Cottonwood Community Centre
7390 Cottonwood Dr., Pemberton, BC

Lil’Wat Gas
391 IR10 Rd., Mt.Currie, BC

Tsipun Store
11098 Blackbear Rd., Xit’olacw, BC


Resort Municipality of Whistler Office
4325 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, BC

Pemberton Valley Transit System

TRANSIT INFO: 604.938.0388