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Using Your Transit System

Lost and Found

Phone: 604.795.5121

Location: Chilliwack Transit Office, 44275 Yale Road West

Chilliwack Transit will keep articles in lost and found for up to 90 days, then send the unclaimed articles to a charitable organization. If you find something on the bus, give it to the driver, who will deliver it to lost and found.


Transfers are free and are issued at the time a fare is paid. Transfers are valid at the Downtown Transit Exchange, Yale and Vedder, and at the malls. Transfers are valid for the next connecting bus and cannot be used for a return trip. Please have your transfer visible for inspection.

Agassiz-Harrison passengers can transfer onto the Chilliwack Transit System for free at the Downtown Exchange.

Chilliwack passengers can transfer to the Agassiz-Harrison bus by paying the difference in fares.

Boarding the Bus

You may board only at designated stops, via the front door of the bus. Have your fare ready when you board the bus, or display your entire Pass to the driver.

Appropriate Attire

  • For safety reasons, drivers will refuse service to passengers not wearing shirts and footwear.
  • The bus is a great way to get to and from the beach, lake or pool, but please make sure your clothes are dry when boarding.

Priority Seating

The priority seating up front on the bus is designated for people with disabilities, passengers with children in strollers and seniors-in that order. Please respect the priority seating designations, and be prepared to move if the driver asks you to.

Safety on the Bus

Please remain seated or hold onto one of the stanchions when the bus is in motion. Do not put your arms or elbows out of the window. Do not bring combustible materials such as wet-cell batteries and gasoline containers onto the bus. To request a stop, pull the bell cord in time for your driver to be able to stop safely.

Getting off the Bus

Exit by the rear door when possible. After leaving the bus, wait until the bus pulls away and you have a clear view of any oncoming traffic before you cross the street.

Passenger Responsibility

When your bus is approaching your stop, make sure you are in clear view of the driver and use the "transit wave" to alert the driver that you are waiting for that bus. If the bus coming is not your bus, take a step back to signal to driver that you are not waiting for that bus.

Have your fare ready when you get on the bus and display your entire monthly or DayPASS to the driver. If you are eligible for discount fare, please display your ID.

If you are using a walkman or other portable music player, please keep the volume down to ensure that you are not disturbing other passengers.

When darkness approaches, it becomes difficult for drivers to see people at bus stops, especially along unlit roads. Please take safety precautions by wearing light-coloured clothing, and by carrying a reflective strip and a flashlight.

Chilliwack Transit System

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