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Family of Accessible Services

The Central Fraser Valley Transit System offers three types of accessible transit service.

Conventional Transit

On the Fixed-route Transit System a fleet of low-floor buses provide wheelchair and scooter accessible service on transit routes throughout the region. Low-floor buses are equipped with a ramp, have no entry steps and have a kneeling feature that lowers the entry level for passengers who have difficulty climbing stairs.


handyDART is a transportation service for persons who have a disability that is sufficiently severe that the person is unable to use conventional transit service without assistance. handyDART service is provided to and from accessible building entrances. You must be registered with the handyDART office before you can use the service.

For those times when the handyDART system is unavailable, the Taxi Saver Program provides registered handyDART passengers with subsidized taxi service, giving them the flexibility to coordinate their own trips.

Community Bus

Select trips on Central Fraser Valley Transit are operated by smaller community buses. These buses are identical to those used for handyDART service. Offering a blend of services, the community buses operate on routes and schedules, but have the ability to deviate up to 500 metres off route to provide door-to-door service for registered handyDART clients. The smaller buses also enable the system to provide evening drop off service for UFV students.

A selection of night service is operated by Community Buses, mainly within Abbotsford. The #39 Shopper Shuttle also makes use of Community Buses.

Taxi Supplement Program

The Taxi Supplement Program enables the handyDART operator to book trips in taxis when the regular vehicle(s) is unavailable, either because of capacity issues or because the trip cannot be accommodated in a timely manner. In essence, the handyDART operator becomes one large regular client to the taxi company, while in turn the vehicles of the taxi company act like extra vehicles to the handyDART operator.

For instance, if a passenger requests a trip when the handyDART vehicle is unavailable, Taxi Supplement enables the handyDART dispatcher to relay the passenger's name, pickup and drop off details to a participating taxi company. The taxi company then slots that passenger into their bookings for the day and picks up and drops off the passenger at the assigned locations and times. There may be restrictions on the use of this service including requirements for ride sharing and budget limitations.


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