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August 13, 2012


CRESTON – On August 20, 2012 a number of improvements will take effect in the Creston Transit System.

To better serve the community of Creston, BC Transit is introducing the new Route #1 Town Shuttle that will link some of the busiest destinations including the downtown core, the hospital, Creston Valley Mall, the library and businesses at the Highway #3 and #3A Junction. The Route #1 will also see the return of routing to Erickson with three trips a day.

Flexible routing on the #1 Town Shuttle will allow people with mobility issues to get closer to their destinations, especially those who live in the Centennial Park area where door-to-door service can be booked with 24-hour notice.

Routes #2 and #3 will come to a close on August 19. Resources from those under-performing routes will be redirected to the #1 Town Shuttle which will offer targeted service to these areas.

“The relationship that our committee has developed over the past three years with BC Transit has been refreshing to bring about a new approach to providing improved transit service to our growing communities in Creston and the Creston Valley,” said Ron Toyota, Chair of the Creston Valley Services Committee.

“We are committed to making transit the attractive alternative to the single occupancy vehicle,” said BC Transit President and CEO Manuel Achadinha. “By introducing flexible routing and by linking the most popular destinations, transit is more efficient and effective than ever before.”

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