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BC Clean Air Committee

BC Transit, the BC Ministry of Environment and Environment Canada form the BC Clean Air Day Committee. This partnership was struck for the purpose of encouraging and supporting Clean Air Day activities in communities across BC.

Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day is celebrated by communities across BC with various activities. Activities include commuter challenges, wood burning stove awareness, vehicle emissions testing, children's programs and many more activities.

Clean Air Day Reports

Clean Air Day 2007 (334K)
Clean Air Day 2006 (509K)

Clean Air Teacher's Guide

The partners also produced a poster and Teacher's Guide for Grade 5 teachers. The Teacher's Guide is a tool to help introduce air quality issues into the classroom. The poster design involves three Clean Air Heroes. Each hero has a different pollution problem to fight with specific tools. The three environments are: industry, urban transportation and rural neighbourhoods.

Teacher's Guide Content

Here are PDFs of each section of the Teacher's Guide. (The entire PDF is too big to post as one piece.) If you would like a copy of the Teacher's Guide and poster mailed to you, please contact Allison Blythe (see below for contact information.)

1&2. Introduction
3. Lesson Outline
4. Introducing the Clean Air Crusaders
5. Clean Air and the Atmosphere
6. Air Pollution
7. Specific Air Pollution Problems in BC
8. What Happens When We Burn Fossil Fuels
9. Energy and Energy Conservation
10. Global Climate Change
11. Particulate Matter (PM)
12. Ground-Level Ozone
13. Air Pollution in Our Neighbourhoods
14. How We Can Reduce Air Pollution
15. Air Pollution Terminology
16. Suggested Instructional Procedures
17. Student Assessment
18. Follow-up Activities
19. Feedback Form
20. Overhead Masters

Clean Air Kit for Local Government

We produced an online tool specifically for local government that will help them lower local emissions. Visit the Clean Air Website here.

Contact Information

For more information, contact BC Transit:
BC Transit
520 Gorge Rd East
PO Box 610
Victoria, BC V8W 2P3
Tel: 250-385-2551
Fax: 250-995-5639